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Extra Large Sand Whiting Per 350g Fish

Extra Large Sand Whiting Per 350g Fish

Origin: Australia
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Our Extra Large Sand Whiting is a prime choice for seafood enthusiasts looking to impress at their next feast. Caught off the picturesque North and South coasts of New South Wales, Australia, this fish is a standout for its sweet, delicate flavour and soft texture.

Sand Whiting is an incredibly versatile seafood option, perfect for various preparations including steaming, baking, grilling, or even deep frying to golden perfection. Its fine, tender flesh absorbs and complements a wide array of flavours. To truly enhance the natural sweetness of the whiting, consider serving it with a squeeze of fresh lemon or a dollop of herbed butter.

This fish is ideal for those special dinners where you want to feature something light yet satisfying. Whether it's the centrepiece of a sophisticated seafood platter or simply enjoyed as a sumptuous main, the Extra Large Sand Whiting is sure to delight any palate. Embrace the subtle elegance of this exquisite fish at your table and enjoy a meal that is as nutritious as it is delicious.

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