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King Salmon (Skin On, Boneless) 200g Per Piece

King Salmon (Skin On, Boneless) 200g Per Piece

Origin: New Zealand

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Our King Salmon is tender and flavorful, suitable for a variety of cooking methods. Prized for its thick, moist, and buttery smooth texture, it makes every meal feel like a total treat. These fillets are perfect for grilling or frying, and their culinary flexibility makes them ideal for a wide array of dishes.

From classic grilled salmon topped with lemon butter to exotic Asian-inspired glazed salmon, the possibilities are endless. They also shine in salmon tartare for a refreshing appetizer or baked with a crust of herbs for a heartier meal. The skin, when crisped during cooking, adds a delightful texture contrast. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, King Salmon not only satisfies the taste buds but also supports a heart-healthy diet.

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