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Prawn Gyoza 1kg Packet

Prawn Gyoza 1kg Packet

Origin: Thailand

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Are you ready to dive into a fusion of flavours that will transport your taste buds to the bustling food markets of Thailand? Our Prawn Gyoza offers just that, blending fresh prawns with finely chopped vegetables, all wrapped in a classic, thin Gyoza-style pastry.

Gyoza, traditionally loved for its ground meat and vegetable fillings, receives a unique seafood enhancement with the introduction of succulent prawns, enriching the flavour and texture of each bite. Experience the satisfying crunch followed by the juicy burst of prawn and vegetables, achieving a perfect harmony of flavours that are refreshingly rich.

Ideal for serving as an appetizer or a side, these dumplings can be pan-fried for a crispy texture, steamed to maintain their juiciness, or deep-fried for a golden, enticing finish. Complement them with a soy and vinegar dip for added zest or a spicy chilli sauce for a kick.