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Raw Green Prawn Cutlets Per 500g

Raw Green Prawn Cutlets Per 500g

Origin: Australia

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Elevate your culinary game with our 500g packs of Raw Green Prawn Cutlets. These prawns, selected for their exceptional quality and prepared tail-on for your convenience, offer a rich flavour with medium-firm flesh, making them perfect for any prawn dish. Their delightful sweetness enhances a variety of recipes, serving as a superb choice for those seeking premium seafood.

Ideal for a diverse range of dishes, from the char of a barbecue to the quick toss of a stir-fry, or the simple elegance of pastas and salads, these cutlets are incredibly versatile. Their mild taste is perfect for various seasonings and marinades, encouraging culinary creativity and exploration.

Choose our Raw Green Prawn Cutlets to blend premium quality and exquisite taste, ensuring each meal is an unforgettable experience.

Prawns Options

Once peeled all prawns lose approximately 50% of the weight.
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