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Scampi Sashimi Jumbo - Per Individual piece

Scampi Sashimi Jumbo - Per Individual piece

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Seeking a unique taste experience? Our Jumbo Scampi Sashimi offers a distinctive culinary pleasure, promising an encounter that's both rich and memorable. Harvested from the clearest, deepest waters, each scampi is carefully chosen for its quality, ensuring that only the best make it to your table.

The flesh of these jumbo scampi is sweet and tender, melting gently in your mouth to release a subtle ocean flavour with every bite. This delight leaves you wanting more, with its pure taste subtly enhanced by a light dip in soy sauce and wasabi. It's a refined and understated feast that captures the essence of the ocean.

These jumbo scampi adapt well to a variety of dishes. Envision them lightly grilled with a touch of garlic and herbs, added to a simple pasta, or as the highlight of a straightforward risotto, where their flavour gently enhances every component. Now available for delivery directly to your door, you can enjoy these remarkable scampi in their simplest sashimi form or incorporate them into your own culinary creations without leaving home.

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Once peeled all prawns lose approximately 50% of the weight.
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