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Scampi Jumbo Per 500g

Scampi Jumbo Per 500g

Origin: New Zealand
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  • Traditional Spanish Seafood Paella
    September 14, 2023

    Traditional Spanish Seafood Paella

Product Description

Experience the thrill of gourmet dining with our Jumbo Scampi, a lavish selection plucked from the ocean's depths, ready to transform your culinary creations. Wild caught in the deep sea waters of New Zealand, each scampi is carefully selected for its outstanding quality, boasting a succulent texture and a subtly sweet flavour that enhances a variety of dishes. Its white, meaty flesh is sweet and delicate, and is lovely baked, barbequed, marinated, or served raw as sashimi.

Ideal for those special moments or to add a luxurious touch to daily meals, our Jumbo Scampi can be prepared in a multitude of ways to delight your palate. Whether grilling, barbecuing, or sautéing with a hint of garlic butter, they preserve their delicate flavour and tender consistency, promising an unforgettable culinary experience.

Our Jumbo Scampi not only stand out for their exceptional taste but also add a visually stunning aspect to any dish, sure to impress your guests with their magnificence and elegance. Perfect for the discerning food lover seeking a sumptuous seafood experience, our Scampi embody the very essence of gourmet ocean fare.