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Squid Tubes (Cleaned) Per 200g

Squid Tubes (Cleaned) Per 200g

Origin: China

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Looking for a versatile seafood option that promises effortless cooking and delicious results? Discover our Squid Tubes, wild caught and meticulously cleaned, hailing from the diverse marine environments of China. These tubes are perfectly prepared for culinary adventures, offering a fantastic base for various cooking methods.

Ideal for crumbing and frying, these squid tubes achieve a delightful contrast of crispy exteriors and tender interiors. They are an excellent choice for creating golden, crunchy delights that pair splendidly with a squeeze of lemon or a dollop of tangy tartare sauce.

Not only do they excel when fried, but their mild flavour and pleasing texture also make them suitable for stuffing, grilling, or slicing into rings for classic calamari. Each preparation showcases the squid's adaptability, making it a beloved ingredient for both straightforward meals and sophisticated dishes.

Providing a no-fuss solution for busy kitchens, these cleaned squid tubes enable cooks of all skill levels to explore their culinary creativity. Whether featured as the star of a seafood platter or presented as an enticing entrée, they enhance any meal with their fresh quality and simple elegance.

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