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Live Blue Mussels Per 500g

Live Blue Mussels Per 500g

Origin: Australia

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Ideal for both intimate dinners and larger gatherings, our Live Blue Mussels offer a versatile base for your culinary explorations. Enjoy them steamed until they just open to reveal their tender interiors, promising a delightful eating experience that echoes the ocean's bounty.

Perfect for a range of dishes, from classic moules marinières to a hearty seafood paella, these mussels bring a subtle elegance to any recipe. Their succulent flesh, which pairs beautifully with a light white wine sauce or a simple garlic butter, highlights their natural sweetness and fine texture.

Or Live Blue Mussels are harvested from the pristine waters of Port Lincoln in South Australia. Renowned for their soft sweet flavour and smooth texture, these mussels are a treat for seafood enthusiasts seeking quality and freshness.

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