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Loligo Squid Per 200g

Loligo Squid Per 200g

Origin: Australia

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Discover the exquisite taste and tenderness of our Loligo Squid, sourced from the clear waters off Queensland and northern New South Wales. This squid variety is celebrated for its exceptional flavour and supple texture, making it a prized ingredient in both traditional and contemporary cuisine.

The natural sweetness and softness of the squid make it a favourite among seafood lovers. It adapts beautifully to bold spices and flavours, ensuring that each dish is both vibrant and satisfying. Whether you're preparing a simple meal for family or an elaborate feast for guests, this squid is sure to impress with its quality and flavour.

Ideal for a variety of cooking methods, Loligo Squid can be grilled, fried, or sautéed to highlight its delicate taste. It's perfect for creating dishes like calamari, incorporated into a seafood stew, or served as a tantalising appetiser with a zesty aioli dip.

Please note – Once cleaned all items lose approximately 25-35% of their weight.

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