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Scampi No.1 (X-Large) 2kg Box

Scampi No.1 (X-Large) 2kg Box

Origin: New Zealand

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Have you ever experienced the exquisite taste of New Zealand's finest seafood? Our Scampi No.1 offers a culinary adventure that's as delightful as it is unique.

Known also as langoustine, these X-Large scampi are celebrated for their delicate texture and slightly sweet flavour, making them a true delicacy in the seafood world. The white, fleshy meat found in the tail and body is not only juicy but lean, providing a subtle sweetness that is highly sought after by chefs and seafood aficionados alike.

Ideal for special occasions, these scampi can be prepared simply by boiling and serving with a touch of butter or a delicate dressing to accentuate their natural flavours. They also pair beautifully with fine pasta, risotto, or as a standout addition to a gourmet seafood platter.