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Sundried Beachgold Mullet Roe Per Packet

Sundried Beachgold Mullet Roe Per Packet

Origin: Australia

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Our Sundried Beachgold Mullet Roe undergoes a natural sun-drying process, where it is gently sea-salted, allowing it to develop its rich, savoury flavour and firm texture. This meticulous preparation method preserves the pure essence and integrity of the roe without the need for artificial flavours, preservatives, or colours.

Vacuum-sealed to lock in freshness, Sundried Beachgold Mullet Roe is a versatile delicacy that enhances any dish. Whether grated over pasta, sliced atop a crisp salad, or served alongside traditional accompaniments, this bottarga offers a unique taste experience that is both distinct and subtly complex.

Indulge in a slice of Australia's culinary heritage with this exquisite bottarga, and let each bite take you on a journey through the timeless flavours of the ocean.