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Yarra Valley Caviar 50g

Yarra Valley Caviar 50g

Origin: Australia
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    May 08, 2024

    Tobiko Omelette

Product Description

Looking for a touch of luxury? Experience the refined taste of Yarra Valley Caviar, presented in an elegant 50g jar, perfect for intimate celebrations or a personal gourmet treat. This premium caviar, sourced from the cool, clear waters of the Yarra Valley, stands as a testament to sustainable luxury.

Raised in stress-free environments, the salmon produce roe that is silky, sumptuous, and bursting with flavour. Each pearl glistens, promising a unique taste experience that blends a subtle nuttiness with the fresh zest of the sea. Lightly salted using traditional methods, this caviar enhances culinary creations or shines brilliantly on its own.

Elevate your appetisers, top off a delicate canapé, or simply pair with crisp, cold champagne for an unforgettable moment of indulgence. Yarra Valley Caviar in the 50g jar offers a gateway to luxury, capturing the essence of pure flavour and environmental consciousness in every bite.