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Sea Urchin Roe (Uni) per 150g

Sea Urchin Roe (Uni) per 150g

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Perfect for special occasions or as a gourmet treat, Australian sea urchin roe can be savoured on its own to appreciate its natural richness, or paired with simple accompaniments like a squeeze of fresh lemon or a light drizzle of soy sauce to enhance its intrinsic flavours.

Harvested from the pristine waters around Australia, this sea urchin roe is celebrated for its creamy consistency and complex taste profile that echoes the freshness of the ocean. Each serving of this exquisite sea urchin roe offers a unique culinary experience. Its smooth, buttery texture paired with a subtly sweet and briny flavour makes it a favourite among seafood connoisseurs. This roe is not just a dish but a highlight of refined oceanic dining.

Delight in the unparalleled quality and taste of our Australian sea urchin roe sashimi, and bring a touch of luxury to your dining table. It's an indulgent offering that promises to elevate your culinary experiences, connecting you directly with the essence of the sea.