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Frozen Baby Octopus 1kg Packet

Frozen Baby Octopus 1kg Packet

Origin: Thailand

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Our Frozen Baby Octopus, originating from the pristine waters of Thailand, offers a versatile and exquisite option for your next culinary occasion. Each whole baby octopus is meticulously cleaned, processed, and tenderised, ready to star in your upcoming dish.

Ideal for those seeking to impress, this octopus is perfect for various cooking methods including grilling, sautéing, or incorporating into heartier stews and vibrant salads. Thanks to a careful tenderisation process, the octopus maintains a delightful texture that is soft yet firm, ensuring it cooks evenly and absorbs the flavours of your chosen seasonings and marinades wonderfully.

Consider grilling the octopus with a light drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon for a simple, yet sophisticated dish. Alternatively, you might simmer it in a spicy tomato sauce to create a rich, Mediterranean-inspired stew that's sure to captivate your guests.